Campo del Cielo refers to a group of iron meteorites and to the area in Argentina where they were found. The site straddles the provinces of Chaco and Santiago del Estero, 1,000 kilometers (620 mi) north-northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The results indicate the date of the fall to be around 4,200–4,700 years ago, or 2,200–2,700 years BC.
The average composition of the Campo del Cielo meteorites is 6.67% Ni, 0.43% Co, 0.25% P, 87 ppm Ga, 407 ppm Ge, and 3.6 ppm Ir, with the remaining 92.6% being iron.



This meteorite belongs to the class chondrite  is a stony (non-metallic) meteorite, was found in Poland near the village of Zielona Gura in the east of the country.

According to the chemical analysis of this methotrexate, it is one of the oldest in our collection, its age is estimated at 5000-6000 years, to establish when it fell on our planet, unfortunately, is not possible.



This meteorite belongs to the class chondrite  is a stony (non-metallic) meteorite, was found in Ukraine near the village of Lybohora in the west of the country.
A chondrite /ˈkɒndraɪt/ is a stony (non-metallic) meteorite that has not been modified, by either melting or differentiation of the parent body. They are formed when various types of dust and small grains in the early Solar System accreted to form primitive asteroids. Some such bodies that are captured in the planet’s gravity well become the most common type of meteorite by (whether quickly, or after many orbits) arriving on a trajectory toward the Earth’s surface. Estimates for their contribution to the total meteorite population vary between 85.7% and 86.2%.



The Sikhote Alin meteorite is classified as an iron meteorite in the IIAB group. This group has the lowest concentration of nickel in iron meteorites and is formed from the metallic core of a celestial body. The age of this group has been estimated using a radiometric dating process involving Rhenium-osmium isotopes, putting their formation at over 4 billion years ago.

It is composed of approximately 93% iron, 5.9% nickel, 0.42% cobalt, 0.46% phosphorus, and 0.28% sulfur, with trace amounts of germanium and iridium. Minerals present include taenite, plessite, troilite, chromite, kamacite, and schreibersite.